Healthy Eating

Spicy Potato Skins

Both crispy and hearty, potato skins are a yummy snack food or appetizer. Try this reduced fat version with turkey bacon and low-fat cheddar cheese. It is sure to become a favorite.

Myth or Fact

If you don’t have a bowel movement daily, you are abnormal.

Constipation is an old person’s condition.

Actually, lots of people of all ages experience constipation at some time. Babies, children and adults of all ages can have occasional constipation. 66% of women and 51% of men in a recent survey conducted by the makers of Senokot® and Colace® products report they have occasional constipation. Elderly people do have a greater tendency to have constipation, sometimes related to food choices and inactivity. Older people tend to have more medical conditions and also take more medications, both of which can contribute to constipation.

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