Products To Relieve Constipation

Mediaplex_tag Constipation is one of those conditions that most of us get sometime in our lives. To help prevent occasional constipation, try to eat healthy, drink lots of fluids and get out and exercise daily. And, if you find yourself experiencing a bout of constipation, consider a relief product that is right for you.

Products for Types of Occasional Constipation


If you have occasional constipation related to lifestyle changes, which is often associated with travel, stress or dietary changes, get overnight relief with SENOKOT® TABLETS.


If prescription or over-the-counter medications are giving you occasional constipation, get gentle relief with SENOKOT-S® TABLETS.


If you are experiencing occasional constipation that results in painful bowel movements, you can get comfort plus relief with PERI-COLACE® TABLETS.


For occasional constipation associated with certain medical conditions such as IBS, hemorrhoids or surgery, get comfortable relief with COLACE® CAPSULES.

Please read full product label before use.

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