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Spicy Potato Skins

Both crispy and hearty, potato skins are a yummy snack food or appetizer. Try this reduced fat version with turkey bacon and low-fat cheddar cheese. It is sure to become a favorite.

Myth or Fact

If you don’t have a bowel movement daily, you are abnormal.

Six Steps to Combating Occasional Constipation

While almost everyone experiences occasional constipation at some time in their life, there are simple things you can do to limit episodes of constipation and improve your digestive health.

Try to eat regular meals and keep your mealtimes on a schedule as much as possible. Eating on the run or missing a meal may throw your digestive system offtrack.

Take a good look at your diet and the foods you eat. It’s important to write down when you eat, what you eat and what food types are missing from your diet. Constipation is associated with diet and food choices, so it makes good sense to follow a healthy diet. Here are some good ways to get started planning a diet filled with healthy foods and some healthy meal planning/menu tips.

Drink lots of fluids throughout the day. Water is the most important liquid for a healthy body. Drink sufficient amounts of water or other uncaffeinated liquids a day. If you are on a fluid-restricted diet, please consult with your physician about recommended fluid intake. Avoid consuming caffeinated or alcoholic beverages.

Pay attention to your body’s signals that you need to go and try to set aside a regular time for your bowel movement. That way, it becomes part of your routine and you won’t feel rushed.

Review your daily exercise routine. Are you doing any physical activity? Take time to jot down how often and what type of activity you did for the past week.

Click here to print a copy of the exercise/activity diary.

If you are not currently exercising for 20-30 minutes at least three days a week, try to develop an activity/exercise plan that you will follow. The decision to create a daily activity/exercise routine and follow it will aid your digestion and help you avoid those bouts of occasional constipation.
Check with your doctor before starting an exercise program.

Follow a schedule that works for you and recognize those times when you find yourself going off-schedule. Business travel, holiday celebrations, a new baby^ and relocation are just a few of the things that can disturb your normal routine. Be aware of even the minor changes in your routine that also can affect your digestion and cause an episode of occasional constipation.

And for those occasional bouts of constipation, you may want to take a product that gives you the relief you need. Click here to find the product that's right for you.

Always check with your doctor to discuss your condition and to help you make the right choice for you.

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^If pregnant or nursing, ask a healthcare professional before use

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